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Roadtrip Nation Experience

The Roadtrip Nation Exploration program is a self-discovery-based curriculum for sixth- through eighth-grade students that encourages self-reflection, exposure to different life pathways, and collaboration with peers. This program guides students through 10 online lessons that include a Virtual Roadtrip Project.

In the first seven lessons, students go through a process of introspection to explore their own unique interests. Using Roadtrip Nation’s vast Interview Archive, students search for Leaders that align with those interests to hear their stories on how they got to where they are today.

In the last three lessons, students create a project-based learning experience that is modeled after the journeys of past Roadtrippers from the documentary series Roadtrip Nation. Collaborating in teams of three, students take a “Virtual Roadtrip” that simulates the experience of planning a Roadtrip of their own.


Thank You to Our Sponsor
Thank You to Our Sponsor

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Roadtrip Nation

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