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My Contact Info:


Will Rogers Middle School

Team Harvard: 6th Grade Teacher; Lang. Arts/Math

Room 32

Ph: 310.676.1197               

Ext 56032

Email: *best method


Team Harvard Teachers:
Contact Ms. Garcia  Ms. Garcia (310) 676-1197 ex: 4847 Teacher
Contact Ms. Sairrino  Ms. Sairrino Teacher
Contact Ms. Tlustos  Ms. Tlustos Teacher
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Check out these cool book sites!

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Los Angeles Public Library - Teen Web



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Teen Ink  [teenage writing, art, photos & forums]



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Teen Book Review Blogs   ( 

Improve Reading Comprehension:





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Ms. Sairrino - Rm 32

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2019-2020 School Year

Roger's GSA Club meets on Friday during both lunches in the College & Career Ctr / Rm 49 - Everyone Is Welcome!


Fri 11/15: T1 ends & Report Cards are printed the following week

Tues 11/19: Rogers STEM night from 6pm-7pm in Gym - various Science & Math activities

Wed 11/20:  Deadline for students & families to purchase an $8 PTSA membership - each one earns you 5 paw points - turn into the main office or room 6 / Ms. Tseng by deadline

Fri 11/22: T1 event

No School for Thanksgiving Break: week of Mon 11/25 - Fri 11/29; RETURN on Mon 12/2

Wed 12/4: Mapping Our Heritage Through Literacy ~ 5:30pm-7pm in Gym & Library [music, dance, book fair, art & more!]

Week of 12/16  - T1 Math District Assessment & ELA EWP Writing Assessment

No School for Winter Break: Mon 12/23 - Fri 1/3; RETURN on Mon 1/6/20

Wed 1/8 - Fri 1/10/20: Pali Science Camp!!! yay!!! Dress warmmmm! Those not going are expected to attend school those days.


"It is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities" ~J.K.Rowling

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**1:1 Devices: Remember to bring laptop to school EVERY DAY AND it must be FULLY CHARGED each night -  Avoid putting food/drinks in your backpack with your device; *Consequences given for not complying with technology contract  [SAUoT policy] 




*Students should be reading their chapter book for at least 30 mins after school AND taking notes/gathering information for their book report assignment [BR #2 is due Wed 11/20/19; One day late will result in a lower grade; none accepted beyond next day, students will earn a zero]  

*Students should strive to turn in on-time quality work & the amount of time, thought & overall effort should be evident in the completed task 

*Students are expected to keep their books in their backpacks all week & must have it in class everyday so please make sure it is not left at home! Reading is optional over the weekends, therefore books may be left in desks on Friday's only!!


Reminder: No longer accepting any ela homework beyond one day late  


Monday, Nov. 18, 2019:

**New trimester starts today - everyone starts off with an A+ so please work hard & put in the effort to keep it** 

LANG. ARTS - Period 1 / 2 

**Finish Text Evidence handout - -

(a) 6 Q's on front:  Answer in clear, complete sentences [use TE online lesson - MODEL section]

(b) Back of handout: Written at top: Karana is a hunter. Your task: Referring to either the first read/online lesson or page 15+ in your wb,  list in bullet form -- the paragraph # AND the “text evidence” directly from the story that could be used to support that inference - must list a min of TWO pieces of TE --This next part is not for HW prepared to explain in class how each piece of evidence you chose implies and/or proves that Karana is a hunter.  

*DUE THIS WED 11/20: BR #2 - the amount of effort you put into this should be reflected in your finished assignment - your work should have your full name on it AND the title clearly labeled & visible on the front; It should be complete, neat, clear/legible, colorful & an attempt at higher level connections and turned in on time to avoid a lower grade

*Fri 11/22: T1 Event   

MATH - Period 8 

~IXL Practice - Learning tab [green bar] + 6th grade

find I.10 [Convert fractions to decimals] - use help buttons if needed

*goal: practice concept for at least 30 mins OR can stop when reach a score of 85



T2 has started {T1 homework has been deleted}



Some IMPORTANT Reminders About 1:1 Devices:

  • Name cards are not to be removed from the case
  • No other paper, decorations, etc should be put inside the case
  • Cases should not be removed for any reason
  • Power cords (aka charger) must be kept at home [Note: IF battery is drained to zero, remember to make sure device actually turns on/lights up when plugging in charger, otherwise it will not charge! Take out & replug charger if that happens and it should work
  • No food or drink near the laptop 
  • Bring earbuds to school everyday!
  • If having technical issues / glitches while at home - please Mr. Robert / Mr. Foster in the morning before school starts to troubleshoot; You can also email your teacher to let them know what is going 


Some helpful back to school suggestions!

~bring water bottles to school so can refill at filtered water fountains!

~dress in layers b/c air conditioning can be cold

~enter through Gate D; exit through Gate C 


IMPORTANT: if absent/leave early,  all students must go to office the next school day BEFORE SCHOOL BEGINS / BEFORE their 1st PERIOD with a note to get a "readmit" slip which must be signed by all of your teachers whose class you missed; if don't have a note, still go to the office to tell them that you were out and they will give you a different slip until you bring in your note.



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MATH ~ Per 6 & 7:

click Math TAB on left

LA & Math Per 8: this page; scroll down - HW posted in middle  




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Science Camp
Science Camp Mon 12/3 - Wed 12/5/18
Click on this link!!

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**BE a Panther PAW!

**EARN paw points for participation in lunchtime events too

**SPEND paw point(s) at purple shed [Mondays]

**SUPPORT your team ~ Harvard earns 200 pts each time you turn in a Paw Point!



RED RIBBON WEEK: Oct 23 - 30 

Lunchtime activities all week 


Earn a Paw Point from leadership during lunch for participating in daily themes!

[info posted by door]

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Check Your Grades - Click Below:

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Classroom Supplies...
Classroom Supplies...

~Lined paper


~Colored pens


~3 x 3 Post-Its

~Dry erase markers



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Cesar Chavez Day: March 31st
Cesar Chavez: January 12, 1990