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Natural Helpers Program

WEB Camp 2019

About Natural Helpers

Natural Helpers are students identified by peers as good listeners and problem solvers. Recognizing that students often turn to friends for help with problems, we  train these Natural Helpers to better help their peers with problems. In addition to equipping students with knowledge and skills to help peers with problems, we train them on when they are required to turn to trusted adults for support with problems. The trainings occur during a weekend retreat and on-going guidance lessons at school. 

Annual Mix it Up Day:

Rogers’ Leadership students will be hosting the annual Mix-it-Up Day in the Café during both lunches


Students who participate will be randomly grouped with other students, with the goal of making new acquaintances. Mix-it-Up at Lunch Day is a national movement, and here are examples of the benefits our students can reap (Source: Mix It Up Survey conducted by Quality Education Data, 2008)

  • 95% said Mix It Up at Lunch Day prompted students to interact with people outside their normal social circles.
  • 83% said the event helped students make new friends.
  • 79% said as a result of the Day students have heightened sensitivity towards tolerance and social justice issues.
  • 78% said as a result of the Day students seem more comfortable interacting with different kinds of people.

Thank you to Ms. Tseng and her Leadership Students!

Thank You to Our Sponsor
Thank You to Our Sponsor

Save the Date!

Please join us to celebrate the

32nd Anniversary of the

South Bay Classic

Golf Tournament


Double Shotgun at

Los Verdes Golf and Country Club



If you would like to volunteer or play in the tournament

please contact 

Ms. Santamaria at 310-676-1197.


Proceeds from this charitable event are used to help fund school and youth drug-prevention and education programs in the South Bay.